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Important Announcement

Hello all,

Starting Monday, April 20th, we are going to return to academic assignments for our class. The activities you completed will play a role in your academics for Quarter 4. They can only help you.

However, we will begin assignments for the rest of the school year through the class website. Each class page will have links to the relevant assignments and the days mapped out to complete them. There will be some wiggle room as well.

Here are some summaries of what we will be doing:

Introduction to Programming

  • Jumping into Unit 9 - The Random Library
    • Introduction
    • Testing for randomness
    • Applying random to 2 previous projects
  • Slot Machine Project
    • 10 phases, each adds features and functionality to our slot machine


Introduction to Information Technology

  • Wrapping up Unit 9 on Security
    • Encryption Worksheet
    • Essay on Digital Privacy
    • Summary Report on a Data Breach/Hack
  • Unit 10: Professionalism
    • Introduction
    • Creating a Resume
    • Creating a Cover Letter
    • Optional: Giving a presentation on Google Meet


Cyber Security:


  • Unit 5 - Networking
    • Introduction
    • Devices
    • TCP/IP
  • Unit 6 - Security in Networking
    • Identifying threats
    • Protecting a Network
  • Unit 7: Cryptyography
    • Introduction (I will give you more resources if you choose to explore this)
  • Unit 8: Social Engineering
  • Unit 9: Second Data Breach Writeup, referencing what you have learned so far in this course



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This year, if you use your cell phone in a classroom, it will be confiscated and brought to the office.