It is probably a good idea to not tell others about this. Only one person can claim the prize per year!




(If you have all assignments handed in, you may then use your time to search.)


These are spread throughout the class website! Collect all 7 and receive an awesome prize! (No it's not ANY wish you want).

So I found a Dragon Ball, what happens next?

Each Dragon Ball will be linked to a piece of a 7 word phrase that you must use to decode the following message:

Cljxtb n uyif dmcgolnz ksni siaf gezg, xsp cvdpy pvond, mnb wtkjh ut dbf nbxsx avulpd ifc hlvg.

This site will help you decrypt the message.


Helpful Hints:

  • Each image will help you find information for the word. There are 7 words in total.
  • Inspecting the image may help in some way.
  • When you get all 7 words, plug them into the link above to decrypto the message.
  • You will need all 7 words, in the order they appear for the number of stars.

What's the prize?

You have the choice of the following:

  • Wealth: $10 worth of Bitcoin
  • Wisdom: Get a FREE 100 on any assignment that is not a Midterm, Quarterly Report, or other major project
  • Party: Pizza party for you and 3 other friends, after school on a Wednesday or Thursday. Mr Fediuk will bring in his Switch as we can play it on the projector. (Smash Ultimate, Mario Kart, and several other fun games to be played)

Should I tell my friends?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. Just like in Dragon Ball Z, this can only be used once per year. Once a student finds these items, the contest ends for the year, and at the beginning of the next year the contest restarts.

Working together may not end well in your favor, as if your friend takes your half of the work and completes the quest first, they win you lose.


Good luck!