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Welcome to ECSDTech!

Hello, and welcome to the ECSDTech class website. This page is designed to give parents a better idea of which computer science courses are being offered at Ellenville Central School District.

What are these courses?

These courses offered at Ellenville offer students skills in many areas of computer science. From 2017 onward, Ellenville will be providing these courses to high school students. The goal is to give students educational opportunities beyond the requirements of a high school education.

  • Introduction to Information Technology
  • Introduction to Programming
  • Introduction to Programming II: SAS Programming
  • Cybersecurity
  • Technology & Mathematic Innovations

What can my child learn from these courses?

These courses teach your child about modern day technologies. In today's world, being able to use computers and the internet as a resource has provided great advantages for those who can effectively pilot these tools.

Each of these courses takes a project-based approach, meaning they will rarely encounter tests, quizzes, or homework... and are instead given real-life problems to solve that can range anywhere from a single day project all the way up to a three week project! Students who take these classes are given an environment that mimics an office, with deadlines, projects, meetings, and milestone check-ins to ensure they are experience real-life workforce scenarios, tackling complex but rewarding challenges, and giving their all in delivering projects and deliverables that are held to high standards.

Let's take a look at each of the courses offered in-depth:

Intro to Information Technology

Introduction to Information Technology

Students learn to fix, assemble, disassemble, troubleshoot and maintain computer systems. Through this course, students learn the functions of each component, understand how these components work together to provide a seamless computing experience, how to fix and upgrade computer systems, and many other skills associated with the I.T. industry. This course also teaches students about networking, 3D printers, mobile devices, and security.

By the end of this course, your child will have done the following in the form of projects:

    • Created a list/pricing of components of a custom-built computer
    • Taken apart and put together a desktop computer
    • Installed Microsoft Windows onto a desktop computer
    • Customized an installation of Microsoft Windows with programs, display options, and created user accounts
    • Experimented with the Linux Operating System
    • Created a keyboard shortcut tutorial with screen recordings
    • Coded 2-3 HTML websites
    • Created a live website in Google Sites
    • Created and tested an Ethernet cable using a crimper
    • Configured a home wireless router with tutorials for four different client needs
    • Created a file server based on specific requirements
    • Envisioned and presented a "Smart Home of the Future" using modern day smart electronics
    • Created a series of consulting solutions using mobile device technology for various fictional clients
    • Use a hacking simulation game to understand the goals and impacts of cyber security
    • Created various encryption demonstrations using ciphering algorithms
    • Created a Resume & Cover Letter
    • Given a public presentation

Prerequisite: None



Who can join these courses?

Anyone can join! A student can be experienced with computers and wish to pursue a career in this field, or a student can join if they only know the absolute basics of using a computer and wish to learn more. These courses are friendly to all users and build a solid foundation from the ground up. It is recommended that students only sign up for this course if they are willing to put in the work required, as these courses are fast-paced and very rigorous. Additionally, these courses are cumulative, meaning the material covered in the beginning of the course is often necessary to complete further tasks as the school year progresses.


How do I sign up?

As a parent or student, you can sign up by speaking with your guidance counselor. He or she should be aware of these courses being offered and can provide more information in terms of schedule availability, prerequisites, and which courses would be recommended.

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