Hello, and welcome to the ECSDTech class website. This page is designed to give parents a better idea of which computer science courses are being offered at Ellenville Central School District.



What are these courses?

These courses offered at Ellenville offer students skills in many areas of computer science. From 2017 onward, Ellenville will be providing these courses to high school students. The goal is to give students educational opportunities beyond the requirements of a high school education.


What can my child learn from these courses?

There are various courses being offered at Ellenville. The three main topics students can learn are as follows:

  • Introduction to Information Technology (Computer Repair and Maintenance)
  • Introduction to Programming (coding)
  • Introduction to Programming II: SAS Programming (data mining)
  • Cybersecurity
  • Technology & Mathematic Innovations

These courses each take an in-depth look at their respective topic:


Who can join these courses?

Anyone can join! A student can be experienced with computers and wish to pursue a career in this field, or a student can join if they only know the absolute basics of using a computer and wish to learn more. These courses are friendly to all users and build a solid foundation from the ground up. It is recommended that students only sign up for this course if they are willing to put in the work required, as these courses are fast-paced and very rigorous. Additionally, these courses are cumulative, meaning the material covered in the beginning of the course is often necessary to complete further tasks.


How do I sign up?

As a parent or student, you can sign up by speaking with your guidance counselor. He or she should be aware of these courses being offered and can provide more information in terms of schedule availability, prerequisites, and which courses would be recommended.

Download and Print This Form to Bring to Your Guidance Counselor