ALL work is due on 6/13 at 2:45PM. No exceptions will be made.

Tutor Resources

Hello tutor!

You are tutoring one of my students. Here is a general rundown of how that works:

  1. I have included the login details for this website to access class materials. Please email me (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for the login details if you need.
  2. Each assignment can be found by logging in, clicking on the class title at the top, and navigating each chapter
    • Lesson 4.1 would be in Chapter 4, then find Lesson 4.1 in the list
    • Lesson 3.2 would be in Chapter 3, then find Lesson 3.2 in the list
  3. Each lesson page with new content has a tutorial piece the student can read/watch. Unless directed to an external link to click, all class content/lessons/resources can be completed within the class website.
  4. All work is handed in through Google Classroom


Specific information to Each Class:

  • Introduction to Programming
    • There are tutorial videos for each lesson with new content. If there is not a video to watch, we are using previously learned knowledge
    • The course should be completed in order, meaning you may not be able to do assignment 4.2 without first completing a previous assignment that established a base code to modify
    • If a line of code is being shown as an error, there is a really good chance the error is actually in the previous line of code
  • Introduction to Information Technology
    • There are some in-person labs that need to be completed. Students should arrange a day with me to stay after to catch up on this
  • Introduction to Programming II
    • Students should have a working version of SAS online. If they are confused, have them reach out to me.
  • Cybersecurity
    • Students should know what we are doing in each class. Many of our projects in this course involve long projects.